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Handmade, a philosophy of lifepietre

The value of the handmade piece is an added value to an object that you can customize
and then create as similar as possible to the person that you are.

The added value dell'Handmade is the "heat", literally speaking; the heat because this
creations come from a personal choice made with heart, feelings. With an emotion
perhaps, that is dictated by personal taste or by a specific need: this gives uniqueness to
the piece as it is unique in every detail.

That's why my mirrors Handmade will always be unique.

corniceThe "hand-made" gives a wider possibility to an open interpretation of the work of art, from both the creator and the buyer.

specchioA color, a shape, a stone, a composition can enclose multiple personal meanings, and therefore very "precious" that will kept forever in the mirror (or in another object).

Handmade is the charm of the material in the making, the resin is molded, the model is
enriched with stones and pearls trying to find the right balance of color and form, or color harmony, elegance and preciousness, light...

There is therefore a hard study before each embodiment, to ensure that the final result is

From me, this is a commitment, dictated by the love for the materials and for the philosophy itself of the Handmade.

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