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The mirror

paola con lo specchio
"When I hear people speak of the evolution of an artist,
it seems to me that they are considering him standing between two mirrors
that face each other and reproduce his image an infinite number of times,
and that they contemplate the successive images of one mirror as his past,
and the images of the other mirror as his future,
while his real image is taken as his present.
They do not consider that they all are the same images in different planes…"

Pablo Picasso, May 1923.

Some time ago I wrote a sentence on my mirrors, "The mirror reflects and make people reflect" to emphasize that within it you can invent stories thanks to the images that we see and have seen in it, we can make our fantasy fly high, losing ourselves in it.

It is certainly a paradox, because the mirror reflects our image as we come to it, and we know it, as Picasso said ...

But let us leave aside for a moment the rationality and digress into fantasy, giving our image a preciousness, by framing it with precious stones and pearls. It will give us a more noble, precious look and our hearts will feel a pleasant benefit ...

Who does not like to look at himself?


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