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Paola Ferraro

From the Eighties until now I could say to have lived already two lives and to be now in the middle of my third.
In these pages I've tried to tell the personal and artistic path that has lead me where I am now.

In order to know something about the person I am, I published on my website a few answers that I have given to the interesting questions (taken from the Proust Questionnaire) under the suggestion of a journalist friend.

The Eighties
These are the years of my artistic studies. I graduated from high school with a major in art, and I studied scenography at "Accademia delle Arti di Brera" in Milan.

From the Eighties to the Nineties
After my graduation from college with a degree in scenography, I won a scholarship at the
Teatro alla Scala of Milan. There I worked as a scenographer and costume designer. It is
from now on that my life becomes a stage. Always full of stories, exciting turn of events,
scenes to invent and build, people or characters with embroidered or aged clothes, bornpaola_dipinto
from fantasies or real.
My life was at that point also full of music, and in my family as well it was always like living in a theatre. The music is always being our element.
The music is the main character at our house, with a violin, a cello, a piano and a viola, then my flute and my singing; from the gregorian choir, to the Messia of Haendel, to the "Voci Bianche" to jazz and Rock, without forgetting the sensual notes of Sevillanas to dance in the evening.

From the Nineties to 2000
All my sensations, the music, the emotions. All of them stuck for more then fifteen years on hundreds of paintings full of colors, material and substance.
The paper is transforming in substance, the sand coming from Sardinia, bright and soft, almost transparent is substance, or from Stromboli, volcanic, dark and warm, full of energy is substance.

Characters of my paintings were also running dogs and beautiful horses.

Everything is always moving, this is the energy that I have inside that makes my dreams come true and expands my horizons. In this period painting is giving me a great satisfaction, I did many exhibitions through all Italy.



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