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Paola con specchio

From 2005 to 2011

ilfilodellavitaRubinia Gioielli

I start my second life with Rubinia, where I become responsible of the creation department.

With the Milanese company, I established a wonderful relationship of exchange, construction, discovery and growth, with the greatest personal and professional rewards.

Rubinia enriches my creative talent, while I give my contribute to Rubinia's style and to make it become what it is right now. I can say that for six years I identified myself with the "Rubinia Woman". With all the natural materials that I have come to known with my painting, I came up with a new idea for Rubinia: the "Jewels about Nature" and mirrors as works of art. A ring that I made for Rubinia, is currently very popular: Il Filodellavita. It contains, preserves and protects between its "speed" of gold or silver wire, the stories of the owner's lived life, and that, makes it even more precious.

"From the painting to the mirror, from paintings to jewelry. As the colors of a palette, the
semi-precious stones draw brushstrokes straws".

But in life things do not always go as we wanted because the unexpected is always lurking, but what I loved hardly will go out of my life and eventually, with time, it remains only good memories, who turn into experience.

collana di Paola per Rubiniaallestimento per Rubiniaorecchini di Paola per Rubinia anello realizzato per Rubinia

Misani Gioielli

For a year I worked for Misani Jewelry, as creative. Here I left trace of my style revisiting and seeing with new modern eyes the "the historical Jewel" with a capital J and I worked on restyling the company's website.

orecchini di Paola per Misani orecchini di Paola per Misani










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